Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most popular choices when it comes to adding value and updating a home. But if you get your bathroom remodel wrong, you could add thousands to your building costs while getting little to no return for your comfort or style. Here are the top 3-bathroom trends to avoid for 2018, along with some tips to achieve a better bathroom remodel result.


Avoid: Flashy Fittings

Everyone wants to be trendy with the latest styles in bathroom color schemes and fittings, but adhering too closely to transient trends can mean your bathroom dates fast. While it may be tempting to add that oversized tub, highly patterned paint design, ornate showerhead or faucet, exceedingly flashy fittings and fixtures can end up being more overwhelming than pleasing. Of course, you want a bathroom that matches the current trends at the time you remodel, but you want to meet your core needs first with your remodel.

Choose: Up-to-date or Classic Styles

Working with a design-build remodeling contractor can be instrumental when designing a practical yet up-to-date bathroom remodel. With design and construction insights, your design-build contractor can work with your goals and vision to create a bathroom with fixtures and fittings that look fresh and stylish.

Avoid: Imbalanced Spaces

Remodeling a bathroom is exciting, but it can be easy to overwhelm the space you have by trying to cram in all the features you want. While a spa bath or steam shower with a bench might be on your ‘must have’ list, if you don’t have the space your new bathroom will become overcrowded and imbalanced. Ultimately, a cluttered and cramped bathroom is going to be more impractical and uncomfortable than a bathroom that doesn’t have every single feature you want.

Choose: Designs That Fit Your Space

Work carefully in the design phase to plan what will fit into the bathroom space you’re working with to create a functional bathroom that still has space and openness. 3D design for remodels can be a great way to get a visual impression of your bathroom remodel before you start building.

Avoid: ‘Open Plan’ Bathrooms

One way some homeowners have counteracted limited bathroom space, particularly for ensuite bathrooms, is by designing ‘open plan’ bathrooms. These bathrooms integrate into the bedroom space, saving space by omitting walls and doors. However, this type of design has issues with water control and is concerning due to the health and safety of having your bathroom close and visible from your living space.

Choose: Skillfully Designed Bathrooms

If you’re worried about not having the space for the bathroom you want to be designed, then a skillful design from a design-build contractor can help you do much more with the area you had. Rather than impacting your safety, privacy, and comfort for the sake of including all the features you want, choose a skillful design to include the critical elements you need plus compact storage and smart facilities to add to your ultimate bathroom experience while taking up less space.

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A bathroom remodel is an investment in the comfort and value of your home, so you want to make it count. Plan your bathroom remodel carefully and work with an experienced design-build contractor to create the new bathroom space you’ve always wanted.