Are you tired of your tiny, outdated, or just plain ugly bathroom? You’ve delayed it long enough, and nothing you can do any longer to ignore the pangs of shame every time a guest asks to use your restroom! It’s about time for an update. Here are our ten favorite bathroom remodel ways for 2018.


1.Tile Accents

Tile accents are a secure way to quickly update your bathroom to a more modern and streamlined look. Add affordable glamour with a stylish backsplash mosaic, feature tile, or even some colored tile to liven up your bathroom without the need for messy paint.

2.Shower Benches

Give your home bathroom a spa feel with an in-shower bench that inspires you to luxuriate when bathing. As an astonishingly smooth addition, a shower bench can go a long way to boosting the opulence of your bathroom. Tile your bench in a matching style to accompany your shower or consider contrasting it with a different material like glass or wood. Add an additional showerhead or create a steam shower to make the most of your shower bench.

3.Floating Vanities

Vanities are often the most eye-catching feature of a bathroom, so if yours is old, dull, or out of date, it’s likely that it’s failing the ideality of the bathroom. Updating to a modern, floating vanity leaves seamless space around the mirror edges, sink, and cabinets for a cleaner, lighter look.

4.In-Floor Bathroom Heating

Nothing is more comforting than feeling warmth under your feet during the first trip to the bathroom, early in the morning. Because heat rises, heating the space from the floor is also an effective way to keep bathrooms warm. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to think about in-floor radiant heating, especially when you are thinking of replacing the flooring.

Bathroom Remodel

5.Frameless Glass Shower Doors

No more tangled and moldy shower curtains. Replace that shabby old shower curtain with some frameless glass shower doors! This offers an easy update that boosts cleanliness, style and natural light in your bathroom.

6.Adding Entertainment

Want to enjoy the soothing sounds of relaxing music while rejuvenating in the bathroom? Or catch the news while you’re getting ready in the morning? Often, more homeowners are adding entertainment from high-quality sound systems to TVs in their bathrooms for greater convenience and indulgence.

7.Heated Towel Bars

Wrap yourself in comforting warmth when you emerge from the shower with radiant, heated towel bars. These systems not only provide the bonus of quick-drying your towels but also keep them more hygienic.

8. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are the top choice when it comes to tub additions to the bathroom, providing ample room to stretch out, as well as relax with a good soak at the end of a long day.

9. Natural Lighting

Cut down on your use of electricity with artificial lighting and enjoy the health benefits of sunshine by adding windows or skylights to your bathroom. While it may not always be practical or necessarily affordable to add new windows, traditional skylights, or tube skylights, this is the best way to transport natural sunlight directly to your bathroom.

10. A Shower You’ll Want to Stay In

No tub? No worries! By adding an extra shower head, a steam shower, handheld shower head, or body sprays, you can turn your ordinary shower recess into a haven of relaxation.

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With these ten ideas in your remodeling arsenal, you can now transform your boring old bathroom into a modern masterpiece with the best bathroom features of 2018.