Are your surroundings starting to look boring, bland, and dull? Are you feeling put-out by seeing the same things every day? Home should be the place where you feel most at peace. If this is no longer the case, then your home’s livability has been compromised.

If you’ve got some time on your hands—and tons of DIY attitude—there are some simple-yet-creative ways you can modify your home to make it feel brand new. Check out our top seven tips below!

#1. Use Shelves or Bookcases as Room Dividers

If you have a more open floor plan, but you still want a semblance of boundaries and separate areas (i.e., this is where the study ends, and the bedroom begins), try using storage shelves or bookcases in place of regular screen dividers. This can create a sense of new space and give you an extra storage option.

Bonus: it can look cute and quirky or slick and modern, depending on the bookcase you use.

#2. Opt for Dual- or Multi-Purpose Furniture

There are a lot of innovative designs right now that make regular pieces of furniture dual- or multi-purpose. You can look at Murphy beds, hollow ottomans, loft beds, and sofa-beds.

Multi-purpose furniture are excellent investments; they save space, their use-value is simply incredible, and they make for interesting and unique living arrangements.

Plus, they’re also excellent conversation starters!

Whether you’re trying to make your home more livable by freeing up some space or you want to optimize your current floor plan by removing some clutter, consider buying a couple of multi-functional pieces of furniture.

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#3. Invest in Wall-Mounted Furniture

Creative Ways to Modify Your Home to Make it LivableWall-mounted furniture is yet another sound investment that can save floor space and look decorative. If your walls are looking a bit empty, try springing for floating shelves or a wall-mounted TV instead of wall art (i.e., paintings, hangings, etc.). Not only do they instantly fill up wall space, but they also keep your floors and corners free.

This is especially ideal if your floors are expensive hardwood or covered in fluffy, hard-to-clean carpet.

#4. Open up a Room Using Mirrors

You’re probably already familiar with this concept, but using mirrors and reflective surfaces to open up a room is another solid strategy for making your space more livable. A lot of people feel dissatisfied or claustrophobic with their living arrangements because of how cramped some areas feel. Pop in a full mirror or some chrome surfaces and the space instantly becomes breathable.

#5. Add Fun Lighting Pieces

A livable home is one that brings you genuine joy. If you want to refresh a room or make it look more interesting without spending a ton of cash, invest in quirky lighting pieces. Faerie lights, pendant lights, string lights, wall lamps, colored light boxes—these are all excellent lighting pieces that can breathe new life into a room. They’re inexpensive, too.

Plus, more light is never a bad thing to have.

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#6. Use Wall Decals to Liven Up Your Living Area

Another extremely efficient home modification you can do is using wall decals. These vinyl stickers are great for giving blank walls a fresh look on a budget. And they’re incredibly easy to apply, too! They’ve recently become pretty popular, so there are literally hundreds of thousands of design options and themes to choose from. You should have no problem finding a couple that fits your aesthetic.

Bonus: if you have white walls, black silhouette-type stickers really pop well.

#7. Study Color Psychology and Apply it

Creative Ways to Modify Your Home to Make it LivableColor psychology is real, and it can have more impact on your living situation than you realize. There is scientific evidence that supports colors invoking certain physiological reactions, like increased blood pressure or eyestrain. Artists also believe that color can be a powerful means of communicating, and the colors we choose for our home can affect our mood.

Whether you believe in it or you think it’s merely a placebo, we highly recommend looking into color psychology and applying it to your rooms. Get those calming blues and peaceful greens in there, pronto!

Home modifications don’t have to huge or expensive. There are little things that you can buy and install yourself, which can completely change the livability and functionality of a room.

What are some of the most creative redecorating tips you’ve heard about? Ensure that you only try what’s best for your dream home. Find it out here!