Stuck at home with nothing to do? Why not take this downtime as an opportunity to spruce up your house a little? And, there’s no need to search for “kitchen remodelers” or “bathroom remodel near me” to find a last-minute home remodeler. There are plenty of easy DIY home remodeling projects you can do right now to liven up your living space a little; no extensive experience or prior knowledge required!


Project #1. Cover Everything in a Fresh Coat of Paint

5 Easy Home Remodeling Projects that You Can Do NowA simple coat of paint can make even the oldest, drabbest, and driest of walls look fun, fresh, and exciting. Investing in a paint job is definitely one of the easiest and most affordable ways to liven up any room in your home. One or two even coats of the right color can make any room look new and completely different.

Bonus Idea: Why stop at the walls? You can paint your ceilings, your floors—even your cabinets! And if you’re looking for some neat bathroom remodeling ideas, you can even repaint your sinks! It’s a lot more practical and cost-efficient than buying (and installing) new pieces of furniture.

Project #2. Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great example of how simple touches can instantly add visual (and sometimes market) value to a room. You’ll be amazed by how much difference a few inches of extra material—be it wood or foam or hard plaster—can make when lining the edges of an interior wall.

The best part? Installing crown molding doesn’t require a ton of professional experience. As far as DIY projects go, it is a little intense. However, you don’t need a set of fancy equipment, nor do you need to drop a huge chunk of cash just to achieve this home remodeling project. In fact, you probably won’t even spend more than $200.

Bonus Idea: Opt for crown molding made of lightweight polystyrene foam coated in hard plaster. It cuts smoothly and fits together quite easily.

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Project #3. Invest in New Window Trim

5 Easy Home Remodeling Projects that You Can Do NowDid you know you can create and install your own window trim using a couple of planks of wood, some trim caulk, brad nails, and a handful of wood screws?

If you’ve got any one-by-fours lying around and you really want to spice up your windows, homemade DIY window trim is your best bet. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet to guide you along the way.

Bonus Idea: If you’ve got the wood (and time) to spare, try experimenting with different trim designs (i.e., smooth edges versus jagged edges, thick trim versus thin, etc.).

Project #4. Buy and Stick Some Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals—also known as wall stickers, wall applications, and just plain vinyl stickers—have rapidly risen in popularity over the past few years. Not surprising, given how much they’ve changed the decorating game. They’re inexpensive, easy to obtain, and can instantly add character to a room.

The options are endless, too. From simple wall borders to pseudo-wallpaper prints, crisp silhouettes to complicated floor-to-ceiling murals, there’s sure to be a decal that perfectly suits your aesthetic. Just peel them off, stick them on, and voila—a brand-new wall.

Bonus Idea: Can’t find the exact decal you’re looking for? There are plenty of printing companies and interior designers that can create personalized vinyl wall stickers just for you.

Project #5. Install Floating Shelves

Like wall decals, floating shelves and desks have also recently risen in popularity. Before, these wall-mounted storage options were only seen in kitchens and bathrooms—often displaying jars of spices or neatly folded towels. Now? People have come to realize their two-in-one value.

Their versatile, almost decorative nature makes them ideal for effortless storage and display. What’s more, they won’t take up extra floor space. You’ll find that their standard, straightforward design makes them ridiculously easy to install.

Bonus Idea: Try painting your floating shelves in a color that sharply contrasts the wall you’re sticking them to. This is a great way to establish depth and boundaries without further cluttering the room visually.

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Searching for “bathroom remodel near me” and other similar home renovation terms will likely yield a list of bathroom remodeling services and bathroom remodeling ideas for you to try out. But with all the free time you have on your hands, why limit your creativity to a bathroom remodel? Effectively turn your inactivity into productivity by investing in these easy DIY home improvement projects.

Skeptical on how to make this small project work? Check out these tips for guaranteed success!