[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/4bx6ZtLDiK8″][mk_padding_divider size=”35″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1597156793918{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Gordon Reese has come a long way in his 34 years in the design-build industry. To showcase Gordon’s passion for both the industry and his clients, we decided to take a different approach by conducting a personal interview to dive into what challenges Gordon has had to overcome, and what has shaped the man that is behind Gordon Reese Design Build.


Interview Question and Answers

How did you start in the industry?

I learned at a young age that I excelled in both carpentry and design-build by working for other people in the industry. I initially felt that working for myself would be better because I would be able to set my hours and be my own boss. I soon learned it was not as easy as it seemed, and I had to overcome many obstacles at that time.

One of the main difficulties I had to overcome was wearing all hats within the business. I found myself doing everything on my own and was quickly overloaded. After the realization that I couldn’t keep working this way, I “fired” myself from all positions and now focus on growing the business.

With 34 years of running Gordon Reese Design Build, I have grown a lot. I have realized the importance of having great people and great systems in the workplace to run efficiently. Now, I focus most of my efforts on how I can work improve the business.

 What does Gordon Reese Design Build stand for?

We always stand for honesty, quality, and reliability. We partner with our clients to develop a plan and build out their project while delivering excellent customer service, communication, and quality. Throughout this process, we are honest with our clients about what would be in their best interest. We are human and make mistakes. We always take responsibility for the design-build project from start-to-finish and take full responsibility for our actions. We never leave our clients stranded.

Overall, we want to understand the real reasons behind our client’s desire to remodel. Asking the right questions reveals the causes and sometimes even that a remodel is not the right solution.  We pay very close attention to all the details of the project that are important to our clients, whether they are possible or not.  There is no one size that fits all client needs, so while building relationships, we can learn what is important to build their dream space.

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What is the biggest lesson that you have learned about yourself?

The most significant lesson I have learned about myself is that I am humbly continuing to improve the business by learning from other professionals in my industry. I am growing and educating myself about the industry and the newest design-build trends.

Where have you struggled?

The area where I have struggled the most is delegating work to others. Change is tough and is still difficult for me, today. I have learned that I can trust others within the company to take on responsibilities which has helped us grow. I am open to self-improvement and change which is the culture of our company. We are all working together to conduct business with professionalism and integrity.

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How did you come to understand your core values?

Although honesty and integrity were my values, they weren’t always my primary values. With over 34 years’ experience, I have learned that when I use these values as my underlying approach to life, everything works out much better for everyone.

What have you learned from a mean person in your life and what do you have to thank him or her for?

Sometimes the people we work with are overloaded with what life throws at them. It could be a bad day at the office, kids are sick, or maybe the room accumulated dust during the construction project. Clients can come down hard on us at times out of frustration of their surroundings. Through this, I have learned to take a deep breath and not let that moment define our relationship. People react to their life experience and, on any given day, we can all struggle. Throughout this experience, I have learned to be more patient and understanding with those around me.

What was a hard but necessary change?

Listening and adapting to the ideas of others. I wasn’t always drinking the kool-aid and had to learn a lot of business lessons the hard way. I guess you could say we all pay for our education one way or another.

Today I am very particular about who we bring on because of how much I care about the company and the work that is done for my clients. We put in place retention strategies to ensure we hire the top talent. The retention strategies include strengthening the development of high potential employees; keeping talented people in the pipeline and have people in place for future leadership roles, clear and fair supervision, proper training and development, and most importantly recognition. By employing the right professionals, it has not only helped me grow as a person but also as a business leader.

 What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the person that I have become over the years. I am improving as a husband, father, business leader, designer, and builder. Among that, I am listening better as a friend and giving back to our community more.

Gordon Reese puts his whole heart into every project and every client, genuinely caring about their dreams and goals. Through his 34 years of experience, he has learned many lessons that have helped to grow and shape Gordon Reese Design Build. Contact Gordon Reese Design Build and let Gordon and his GRDB team help make your dream home design ideas come to life![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]