It’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to change, upgrade, or improve their home by renovating or remodeling certain rooms. The kitchen, for example, is an extremely popular remodeling choice. Since it can largely dictate the home’s overall market value, most homeowners won’t hesitate to sink a considerable amount of cash into their kitchen—especially if it means better financial (and emotional) returns.

But what of a bathroom remodel?

Surprisingly, it’s met with much less enthusiasm.

Don’t get us wrong; there are just as many homeowners wanting to upgrade their bathrooms alongside their kitchen. Unfortunately, there are a fair amount of bathroom remodeling myths out there that, as a whole, are quite discouraging.

Perhaps you’ve heard of some of them?

Myth #1: You Can DIY Most of Your Bathroom Remodel

“Do it yourself” sounds great in theory, but the actual execution requires a lot more skill and resourcefulness than one would expect. Homeowners often get a little too excited with the prospect of showing off what they were able to achieve with their own bare hands, they fail to think about the consequences.

Now, don’t get us wrong: self-gratification is all well and good. However, trying to “DIY” your bathroom remodel with little to no actual field experience is a recipe for disaster. You may end up damaging what you intended to fix or altering what didn’t need to be altered.

In most cases, trying to save money by doing the remodel yourself will backfire due to repair, replacement, or reinstallation fees. It is always better to let a professional handle it from start to finish.

And on the topic of saving money;

Myth #2: Bathroom Remodels Cost a Lot

bathroom remodelA lot of homeowners are often discouraged from investing in a bathroom remodel due to the preconceived notion that it’s going to cost a lot.

First and foremost, the average cost of a bathroom remodel depends on a lot of factors—factors that are often unique to each homeowner’s situation. The scale of the remodel, the location, the materials, the desired completion date, and even the time of year are examples of such factors.

Since a lot of these factors are dependent on your decision, you actually can adjust the cost of the remodel to better suit your financial plan. For instance, breaking down a major remodel into smaller, more manageable remodels spaced out over the year. For another, scheduling your remodel during the slower or leaner months to avoid competition (and, by extension, bidding wars).

The point is, a bathroom remodel isn’t going to automatically clean you out. If you find a reputable remodeling contractor and you’re upfront about your finances, they can help you find the best way to fulfill your remodel for the lowest price possible without compromising quality and integrity.

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Myth #3: People Remodel Their Bathrooms Purely for Luxury

One of the most dangerous—and overrated—myths regarding bathroom remodeling is that it’s done purely for the sake of aesthetics. many people blindly believe that a bathroom remodel is all about looks and little else, whereas the truth of the matter is that you can renovate your bathroom for both form and function.

For instance, your bathtub and sink might have hairline fractures—a potential leaking and flooding hazard. Upgrading or replacing the furniture item in question can stave off this off and better and longer than simple rudimentary repairs.

Or perhaps your water bill is through the roof because your toilet is an older, outdated model. Swapping it out for a newer, more energy-efficient model—or even a tankless one—can save you hundreds in utility bills in the future.

Remodeling your bathroom is a means to upgrade more than just the look and feel of it. It’s a chance to improve its functionality, thus improving its overall use value by extension.

Overall, these bathroom remodel myths are exactly that; myths. There is little to no plausible fact to back up their claims, and their validity is a result of lack of experience and industry transparency. So if you’ve ever wanted to invest in your bathroom but were too scared to do so thanks to these old wives tales, put your mind at ease. As long as you approach it smartly, a bathroom remodel is a safe, sound investment.