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The Ideal Kitchen Design and How Your Kitchen Compares

Whether you are an aspiring gourmet chef that likes to spend hours in the kitchen or a busy parent who hurries daily to prepare meals for your family, you want a kitchen that looks good and functions well.

Do you often find that food prep and cooking take longer than you would like?  Do you find yourself crossing back and forth around the kitchen to get everything you need and get everything done? These are all signs that your kitchen design is not quite right. There is such a thing as the ideal kitchen design, and it can make your life so much easier. So how does your kitchen measure up?

The Most Important Features in your Kitchen

Your kitchen has many components including appliances, cabinets, and countertops. However, the three most important features, at least when cooking, are the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove/oven.

This is because, most often you store your essential foods and cooking ingredients in the fridge, and must retrieve them. Most people visit the sink to wash off fruits/vegetables. Health-conscious cooks also visit the sink often to wash their hands before food prep and during cooking to cut down on the spread of bacteria. Of course, all that cooking happens at the stove-top and in the oven.

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The “Work Triangle”

The Ideal Kitchen Design and How Your Kitchen ComparesThese three components are so important and visited so frequently, that most kitchen designers attempt to arrange them in an efficient fashion that will reduce excess movement around the kitchen and streamline the cooking process. This design is referred to as the kitchen “work triangle.”

When designing around the “work triangle,” there are some rules-of-thumb to keep in mind. It is helpful to have each side of the triangle be somewhere between four and nine feet long. This should then amount to, at the most, 27 feet total for all three sides. It is important to design the layout so that there will not be any other household traffic patterns that cut through the “work triangle.”

Giving your Kitchen a Personal Touch

The Ideal Kitchen Design and How Your Kitchen ComparesBeyond the necessity of the “kitchen work triangle” modern kitchens can have many other features to match your personal style. When you start designing or remodeling a kitchen, it is helpful to start with the “kitchen triangle” and work outward from there. Think about your style and how you work, to figure out what other elements you may want to add. There are many popular styles to consider, such as a peninsula or large kitchen island for additional workspace. If you have an island or peninsula, be careful that it does not cut into your “work triangle.”  If it does, it should only do so by 12 inches, at the most. Beyond that, if there are other frequently used features you want to add in (such as a dishwasher or trash can), you want to make sure they also fit well into the flow of your space.

Reflecting on your existing kitchen, you may realize that one of the reasons it’s not working for you is because there is no ‘workflow’ and the kitchen triangle has not been considered. Correcting this can make your kitchen so much easier to work in, and a pleasure to live and entertain guests.

When you design your new kitchen or plan for a remodel, choose to work with a skilled design-build professional. By integrating the skills of home design and expert construction, a design-build professional can advise you on the best layout, so that all the essential features can be easily and efficiently accessed, for a harmonious and comfortable kitchen.

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