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Who Is Responsible For Pulling Permits In My Home Remodel?

In the process of remodeling your home, making sure that your work has the appropriate building permits is vital. Work done without a building permit or work that is not up to local building codes may need to be corrected or even completely pulled down and rebuilt, a waste of precious time and money. Even if unlicensed work or work in violation of local building codes is allowed to stand in your home, this could lead to safety issues, putting your home and your family at risk. Although the process of getting the right building permits for a remodel can be confusing to many homeowners, the first step is to determine who is actually in charge of checking this off the list. Here we look at a few different scenarios that can help you ascertain who is responsible for getting building permits for your remodel.

If You Are Doing Your Own Remodel

If you are planning to do your own home remodel, then you will be the one responsible for obtaining the remodel permit. The exact process varies by location, so it is important to do your due diligence and research the exact requirements for your city. The permit process will require a good site plan so hiring an architect, designer, or other professional to draw the project as it will be constructed is vital and will save you time and money.

Hiring unlicensed contractors to do work on your home remodel complicates the process further because, as the homeowner, you will be solely responsible for the contractors’ work and safety. In these cases, the responsibility for getting the right building permits at the right time completely rests with the homeowner, and any issues will likewise be the responsibility of the homeowner to correct.


If You Are Hiring A Licensed Contractor

A licensed home remodeling contractor working on your project has the ability to secure the right building permits for your remodel when you need them, and is specially certified to obtain building permits from building authorities. This is because they usually have the experience and skills to identify when a building permit is needed, as well as knowing the right procedure to secure one. Having a licensed contractor obtain the building permit is advantageous for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have the detailed plans and overall vision of your home remodel project in mind. Secondly, they know how to secure the right building permits for the work you want to have done, including typical lead times. Lastly, licensed contractors must supply a state contractor’s license to obtain a building permit, thus ensuring the quality of the work. Hiring a licensed design build contractor ensures your remodel not only looks outstanding, but that it meets all building codes without you having to worry or stress.

If You Are Hiring A Remodel Team

For larger home remodeling projects you may hire a remodel team consisting of a variety of professionals, including building contractors, electricians, plumbers and more. In this case, you may decide to hire each of these people independently or you might instead hire a general contractor, someone who employs and manages the relevant subcontractors. If you hire a general contractor they can be your single point of contact and liaison to secure all the relevant building permits for your remodel.

Hiring individual contractors instead means that you need to ensure they are all licensed and each have the relevant building permits required for their work. For most remodel projects, homeowners prefer to hire a home remodel general contractor in order to have a project leader and a primary point of contact for the remodel.

Making sure that you understand who is responsible for pulling building permits on your home remodel ensures you always obtain work that is high quality, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and that meets all relevant building codes.

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