The “design build” methods refer to a project delivery method wherein both the design aspect and the building aspect of a construction venture are handled by only one team. Essentially, this approach brings construction professionals and design professionals together to form a single, cohesive unit capable of collaborating on various projects relevant to their skill set to achieve optimal results in a short amount of time.

This method, aside from being incredibly efficient, is supposedly very effective at minimizing budget overruns and schedule delays as well—all while simultaneously providing excellent quality control.

These are just some of the many reasons why design-build is growing in popularity. Despite the fact that a lot of homeowners still prefer the traditional bid-build approach, the many reported advantages of the design build method just cannot be ignored.

Are the advantages suited for your construction needs? We’ve listed out a few key questions to ask yourself to determine the best answer.


1. Do You Value Accountability?Design Build

Working with the traditional bid-build method—where the designer and the builder are two separate entities—means working with two or more points of contact. You’ll have one contractor in charge of design, one in charge of project costs, another one in charge of timeline, and so on.

Because responsibilities are scattered and divided, accountability becomes a very real issue if something untoward or unwanted happens during the construction project.

With the design build approach, there is just one designated point person for the entire project. This representative speaks for the entire design build team and, thus, can be held accountable for every aspect of the project—from timeline to final design. This means that should unexpected issues or concerns arise while design or construction is on-going, you only need to approach one person for answers.

2. Are You Working Within a Strict Time Frame?

Thanks to its dual nature, design build projects are often completed in a shorter span of time than traditional bid-build projects. Having both major aspects of a construction handled by one, cohesive entity eliminates a lot of timeline challenges that the traditional approach typically faces, such as coordinating schedules or revisiting/re-evaluating major decisions.

The design build approach also allows for immediate, consistent communication amongst all involved parties, enabling the overall team to be more responsive and adaptive throughout the design and construction phases.

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3. Do You Value Fixed Project Guidelines?

Design Build CompanyBecause it covers both major aspects, a design build contract is holistic. This means that the financial plan and timeline for the project are more or less locked in place. And since the experts under each aspect are signed under one contract, it’s safe to assume that they’re all on the same page. They are all working within the same parameters, following the same timeline, and working towards the same goals.

The holistic nature of this setup also means that members of both teams are aware of what the other team is doing, i.e. the builders know what the designers are working on, and vice versa. This minimizes the risk of unexpected issues or complications.

4. Do You Seek Professional Guidance?

The process of design and construction should never be chaotic. By hiring a design build company for your project, you have immediate access to a trained, trustworthy advisor who can guide the entire team toward the best possible outcome. The process is refined from start to finish, and any form of chaos is organized into more orderly phases.

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5. Do You Want to be More Involved in Your Project?

The design-build method operates under the assumption that the owner or project manager desires a higher level of active participation in the design and construction of their property. This is why most aspects of the design build method are so streamlined; to allow for immediate communication and collaboration between all involved parties with minimal fuss or fallout.

And, yes; as the project manager/property owner, you are definitely an involved party.

Through this level of systematic, organized involvement, you can personally ensure that all specified goals are met.

Why the Design Build Approach Works

Hiring a design build company may not be the “typical” solution right now, but there’s no denying that this approach can be used for a wide range of project types. By combining construction and design experts in one team, you optimize productivity without jeopardizing quality. By placing the property manager or homeowner at the forefront, your chances of completion on or before the scheduled deadline are greatly improved.

The end result? A dream home created through close collaboration, built with precision, and designed with luxury in mind.